Hi, my name is Jen Fry and I have been traveling the world for about 20 years, with the last 10 being solo (I swear I like people). I usually pick where I am going by finding the cheapest plane ticket. I try to go to different countries and cities while on a trip, no staying in one place for me!!! I love the freedom of traveling the world with a backpack and getting to know the places I am visiting for who they are, not who I try to envision them to be. The places I have loved the most I have had the worst assumptions that were completely wrong. Because of experience, I now go with an open mind and an open heart. I love traveling solo and I wish more women would do it, especially black women.

Solo traveling allows you to find out about yourself, how you handle being alone in a different country, how you handle stress, and most importantly- what makes you happy. I love it and recommend it for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and read my blogs. If you have any questions please email me- jenfrytalks@gmail.com

Now I have to go travel!

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